I do not know anything from stock market, still will I understand Technical Analysis?

Yes, technical analysis is very easy to understand & studies of technical analysis are easy to apply. So any body will to decide on one self when to buy & sell, after you learn Technical Analysis.

How much profit I will gain from stock market per month?

Guaranty about profit is not possible. If you invest for long term, then you can get very nice returns. Per month returns/ profit is not possible.

For example, MRF was 13000 in Oct 13 & it is 41000 April 2015. Gabriel was 29 in Nov. 2013 & it is 93 in April 2015. Lupin was 2100 in Feb 2015 & it is 1750 in April 2015. Only proper study will give you good returns.

I am interested in intraday trading. Any intraday trading course ?

We do not advice for traders to go for intraday trading for following reasons only 20% earn money

It is possible to create wealth by investing in stock market?

Attend our Techncial analysis course to achieve wealth creation.

Why we should invest or trade in stock market? What is special about it?

Common man invests in Mutual Fund or bank fix deposits or in postal saving schemes like MIS, RD etc. All these agencies mutual fund managers, Banks & government reinvest our money in stock market only. This is the fact. So if we directly apply our money in stocks, it is surely more beneficial.